Upcoming Events at St Oswald's

  • 2019 Concerts at St Oswalds

  • Garden of the Heart

    A Place of Conversation, Food and Friendship

    Wednesday Night Conversation & Shared Meal

    6 p.m Gather & share a 'bring a plate' meal. 7pm Conversation . 8.30pm Close.

    Daily Meditation & Prayer

    Please check with Glenn when these events will take place.

    ph Glenn on: 0418911714

  • Open Door - Tuesday Cuppa and Chat

    1:30pm to 3:00pm Open Door continues fortnightly on Tuesdays except in School Holidays. Open Door resumes on Tuesday 5 Feb 2019.

    Enjoy an informal get together for tea, coffee - eat your lunch or snack, have a chat or perhaps someone to pray with about any concerns etc.

    St Oswald's Anglican Church Red Room

  • Art Exhibition in the Church

    Art Works by Rev Glenn Loughrey are currently displayed in the Church.

  • Recent Events at St Oswald's

  • Ashburton Festival -  sUNDAY 24TH fEB  11:00AM - 4:00PM

    See St Oswald's at the Ashburton Festival - 

    St Oswald's Church - part of our community

    See Information about the Festival

  • Silent Retreat - Saturday 10 NOV 9:30am - 3:00pm

    Winha-nga-rra: Listen, Hear, Reflect.

    Come and take time to listen, hear and reflect in the Wiradjuri tradition. Similar in meaning to dadirri from Ngan' gikurunggurr and Ngen' gwiumirri languages of the Aboriginal people of the Daly River region. 

    Walk your country and if you listen carefully it tell you what it knows, what you need to know and what it needs from you.   

  • Anglicare Food Collection - Saturday 18th August 9:00am

    Our parish collect items for Anglicare Mission House in Fitzroy. This food is then distributed to needy people in the inner city area.

    Our Annual Collection expands the scope of our giving and enables more people to participate in the donation of food for which there is an ever increasing need.

    This year there was an excellent response to the appeal.

    Many thanks to Jill O’Shea and Richard Carter

  • National Reconciliation Week

    Don't Keep History a Mystery

    A day of celebration and commitment on Wednesday 30th May 2018

    10:00am - NRW Ecumenical Church Service

    12:00pm - Conversational lunch in the garden & signing of a copy of the Statement from the Heart as our commitment to respect and reconciliation.

    More information: Email Glenn: vicar@stoswaldsgleniris.net.au

    Phone Glenn:  0418911714