About Us

Welcome to St Oswald’s, a welcoming church committed to living and sharing life in all its fullness.

The challenge for the church is to explore options wider than our experience, to be open to ideas we have yet to encounter or know exist, and to avoid using our own limited experience as the benchmark by which we judge an idea, person or opportunity.


Our familiarity with our tradition, past practice and our ingrained biases diminishes our capacity to live the good news in our community. Our familiarity with who we are, where have been and what we know can get in the way of our encountering Jesus, either directly or in those opportunities or people we encounter. We reply with the answers we have become comfortable with, based on what we have experienced.

The Anglican Church is being challenged to discover new questions requiring answers and responding by being open to much more than we individually or corporately know or have experienced.

St Oswald’s accepts this challenge to live with the questions regarding our place in this community, what the future holds for us, how to reinvent ourselves without closing up like a sunflower when the sun goes down, because what we know now seems to be insufficient for the task at hand.

We invite you to join with us as we explore new ways of being community and of living life to the full. Your voice and experience is vital to this journey.

  • Rev Glenn Loughrey, Vicar

    Rev Glenn Loughrey was Instituted on Tuesday 24th February 2015.

    Glenn William Loughrey was ordained in 2009 in Grafton Cathedral. His career has been diverse, pioneering, people-focussed, risky and lately academic and artistic. Glenn married Gaye in 1979 and has a daughter Katrina who was born in 1980. Gaye is a former nurse and is interested in music and has sung with the Sydney Philharmonia Festival Chorus.