Vicar's Message:

16 February 2020

Last Saturday those involved in the development of the Parish Strategic Plan spent time looking at what has been achieved and what still needs to be done.

We started this process two years ago and it amazing to realise that much of what we set out to do has been achieved. When you live and work in a busy parish it is easy not to see what you as a community has achieved. We get so caught up in parish and our personal lives that stuff just seems to happen and we don’t take a lot of notice. We know we have been busy but we don’t always know what has been achieved.

As can be seen by the report in this pewsheet (page 4),Much has happened. We have more people working here; new projects and engagements with the community, schools and the Boroondara Council, and our financial position is much better than when we started out on this process. Next week we will be visible at the Ashburton Fair and look forward to renewing relationships with those we met last year.

It is our plan to both provide information to and opportunities for parishioners to be fully engaged in this strategy process and will be ensuring time is given in each fifth Sunday gathering for that to happen. Please feel free to talk to me and Parish Councillors with ideas and suggestions, and even questions.