Vicar's Message:

5 APRIL 2020

One of the tools to help us when things are out of order is to look for beauty where it can be found – birds singing, sunshine, the smell of rain, flowers in bloom, the night sky and the smile of another. Take the time to look for and discover beauty. It will save us.

Interestingly, Jesus affirms this sense of one-ness with all when he says even the stones will shout out. Beauty, hope and glory are all around us and it is not dimmed in the worst of times. We may find our vision dimmed, our capacity to see what is in front of us because of the noise in the media and in our own mind, yet the world has not changed.

Jesus knew he was about to face the worst of times but recognized that even if humanity deserted him, nature and beauty did not. In these times look for beauty in people, creation, books, art, music and more and remain confident in God despite the awful-isers.

Self-isolating does not mean self-isolation. Maintain contact with family and friends. Hop on the phone or drop a note in the mail. Every contact is life enhancing in these times. Avoid overloading on bad news and the awful-ising of much of the media. Limit your intake of so-called news.