Vicar's Message:

18 October, 2020

In preparation for our Annual General Meeting we are seeking nominations for Parish Council for 2020/21.

We are able to have 9 people on Parish Council. This last year we had 7 with vacancies which we were unable to fill. Parish Council has operated well but it has meant that all have had to do a little extra to ensure we were able to deal with a difficult year.

As a result of Diocesan regulations, we will lose one parish councilor/Warden as they have completed their 6 years and gave to stand down. Another has indicated they will not be nominating for personal reasons. This means we are looking for 4 new parish councilors and one Warden.

Often in these situations we look for Some One Else to step up and do fill the gap. Unfortunately, it appears that they too are waiting for Any One Else, and we end up with No One Else doing anything about it.

It is vital we have as near as possible to a full complement of parish councilors (9) and I would ask each of you to carefully consider whether you can assist by nominating. Please contact Dick Adams for a nomination form.