Vicar's Message:

7 June 2020

The last week or so has been challenging. I have had two funerals under the social distancing restrictions. The funeral for Audrey Moyle was only allowed 20 people while the one this week for Ann Ringrose had a full church but that equates to around the mid 40’s as we have only are allowed 4 square metres per person. Many people who would have normally attended were unable to as a result.

Just so you know we are allowed 43 in the church 4-6 in the baptistery, 5 in the side chapel and 8 in the sanctuary. Each space in the building has been measured and signs are required to be up around the building indicating capacity.

As we begin to plan to meet again in person in July these and other restrictions and requirements will impact on how we meet. At this stage the restrictions are strict but might change as we move forward although the social distancing requirements probably won’t. Issues such as regular cleaning after use, no morning tea, no prayer books or orders of service, a 1.5 metre gap between people at all times and no touching and singing will be the most obvious.

We are required to have a COVID Safe Officer to manage the protocols and ensure we are complying at all times. If you think you could assist in this role, please call me for a chat.

We will require a cleaning team rostered on to clean church and toilets after each service and to assist with the daily cleaning of common areas such hall foyer and the toilets. Again please contact me to offer your assistance in this way.

We will continue with the delivery of wafers to those who have requested them. If you would like to receive them please contact me. Another supply will be delivered from Thursday.

In our eucharist we are asked to “Do this in remembrance of me”. Noel Davis writes:

Surely this is to be bread and wine for each other

Living the bounty of our humanity

As we gather around the table of the everyday

And gives thanks for all we have received.

The Vicar