Vicar's Message:

26 jULY 2020


How quickly life changes! A little while ago any one wearing a mask in public was seen as a little eccentric and perhaps a little paranoid if they didn’t have a good reason to. Now it is mandatory for all of us when we leave our house!

How quickly most of us comply with these changes when, prior to COVID we would have laughed and ignored any such change on the basis it is our right to live as we want to. Catastrophic change compels us to do what we would have resisted previously and then to condemn those who remain staunchly opposed.

What I found difficult when wearing the mask is that I can’t smile at anyone or recognise in the simple ways we have taken for granted. In some ways you become more insular just by wearing a mask. This is something we will need to be aware of and take steps to ensure we maintain community connection and recognition of and with each other.

Even in the live-streaming church we are to wear masks when we are not directly speaking or singing. This will seem a little weird initially for both those involved and those watching and, again, we will need to be mindful of how we feel about this.

I suggest we need to take the time to see just where God and our relationship with God fits in here. How does it inform our response and our being ourselves in relation to others? What and who are we called to be in the midst of the pandemic?

Interesting questions. Love to see your comments. Send me an email!