Vcar's Message:

18 August 2019

Wow, I have been back two weeks and already forgotten about the holiday! What a busy parish. There have been more people through the office in the last 2 weeks than in the last 2 years!

Much has happened and much is about to happen. This week we had 2 classes of pre-schoolers from Glen Iris Road Pre-school in the Garden and there some 15 such events planned between now and Christmas. This is a wonderful way to connect to parents, students, teachers and community groups. A list of events will be posted on the noticeboard and if you are able to come and meet those in attendance that would be great.

The Pottery Classes are another opportunity to meet and to get to know people from our community. You are welcome to join any of the classes as a student for the rest of this term and then for Term 4. Being a student will allow you to develop relationships and build bridges with people we want to invite and welcome into this space.

This week I met with the Principal of St Michael’s Primary School and invited them to participate in painting a mural on or around the new shed in the garden so as to make it a part of the space. We will be looking for some donations to assist with preparing the walls and getting the appropriate paints etc. If you would like to help that would be great.

This is all a part of Jesus' mission John Wesley described as, and I quote, "I am come to send fire - To spread the fire of heavenly love over all the earth." Engaging with the local community and breaking down divisions is the first important step in this process. This is where we are at and it’s an exciting place to be.

Now, that’s different.