VICAR's Message:

17 FEBRUARY, 2019

In a recent Gospel Jesus is rejected by the people in his own village. It is difficult when you are rejected for whatever reason and perhaps we need some help to cope with it. I do wonder though, whether this is the best response:

“Rejection Therapy: The Game You Win By Actively Seeking Out Rejection    Adam Pash Feb 28, 2012 

Fear of rejection is a powerful motivator or, more accurately, anti-motivator. The sting of rejection is sharp (in fact, it actually causes something more like physical pain), probably because most of us consider rejection humiliating. If fear of rejection holds too powerful an influence over your choices, Rejection Therapy may be up your alley.

The free game has one rule:

You must be rejected by another person at least once, every single day.

It's a simple but clever idea designed to help you build confidence and overcome your fear of rejection:

You can think of it as game, but this game involves your life and the treasures are real.

The five objectives of Rejection Therapy are:

1. To be more aware of how irrational social fears control and restrict our lives.

2. Smash the tyranny of fear and reap the treasures (treasures include wealth, relationships and self-confidence).

3. Learn from, and even enjoy rejection.

4. To not be attached to outcomes, especially when it involves the free agency of other people.

5. Permit yourself to fail.”

What do you think?