Ravin' Ramblers

Ravin' Ramblers is a walking group which was initiated at St Oswald's and now encapsulates people from varied backgrounds who socialise with parishioners from St Oswald's. 

It provides a fun, healthy and supportive way for people with Christian values to enjoy the camaraderie of walking and discovering new and uplifting environments in and around Melbourne. 

The walks are open to all, and we encourage everyone to bring their friends along. Ranging from quite easy to more strenuous, most walks will accommodate all level of walkers, and we certainly aim to include anyone with an interest in walking, and the outdoors, to join us. If you don’t fancy a walk at all, you can always join us for lunch! 

The contact person will provide detailed information about each walk, the time to meet and what to bring.

Program of Walks for 2020

Ravin Ramblers Website

We welcomed many people for the walk and lunch in the Garden.

See Pictures of this event below