How can we help?

Judy Johnson has sent links to several websites which provide food or help in times of lockdown - and I think it is a great thing to do. Thanks to you for keeping us in touch. They cook meals and provide work for hospitality staff and visa holders, and will deliver to our area. The meals are delicious, not very expensive, and the serves are generous. You pay for delivery and you can give an extra tip if you choose to. They will deliver fruit and veggies - if you order before 10pm you can get your delivery the next day. The food comes from the market, from a company that used to deliver to restaurants and have changed their business model. You do have to place an order over $50. They make and sell masks (though they may be out of stock for a time). This is also a great organisation to support, as they provide opportunities for migrant, refugee and asylum seeker women.

I am looking forward to hearing suggestions from others.

Best wishes