Covid Safe Plan

From the Covid Safe Officer

The St Oswald's Covid Safe Plan has been revised in October in accordance with directions from the Diocese.

Dear Friends,

We are planning the resumption of face to face services. The date will be advised.  There will be a service at 9:00am on Sundays and a service at 10:00am on Wednesdays.

If you have concerns about your safety from viral infection then we recommend that you do not attend Church. We will follow all the Government regulations, but we cannot guarantee your health. We are planning to continue with live streaming of services. Please do not attend if you have any flu like symptoms.

No live services are currently permitted but we expect the following to apply when the Government permits: 

When you come to Church things will be a little bit different.

Welcomers will keep a record of who attends services and you may be asked for your contact details if we do not already have them.

Social Distancing is important, and we have determined that a maximum of 42 people can sit in the pews. A few more can be accommodated in the baptistry and in the sanctuary. There can be three people per pew (left, centre, right) and every second pew must be vacant. Welcomers will assist you in finding your seat. If more people arrive you will not be allowed to enter the Church. We may direct the overflow to the hall where we will try and set up live streaming of the service. The Vicar will be happy to bring communion to the hall if this occurs.

Extra cleaning is required after every service, with particular attention to touch points such as backs of pews and door handles. Jill O’Shea is organizing a roster of cleaners and would be most grateful to hear from you if you can help.

There will be no hymns and no prayer books. The pew bulletin will be emailed to all each week and you can bring a copy if you wish. If you are not on the email list and would like to receive emails please let me know your email address. There will be a screen standing on the floor next to the altar and the order of service will be shown on the screen. Communion will be one kind only – the wafer.

There will be no touching during the peace – please greet people from afar. Please maintain social distancing when queuing to receive communion. Please queue up the centre aisle and return to your seats via the side aisle. Please assist disabled people as best you can.

There will be no morning tea in the Hall. Refreshments in the garden are being considered on fine days. Zoom morning teas are also an option similar to those we have held while the Church has been closed.

If you have any questions please contact me.

Tim Andrews

Covid Safe Officer

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