Art Works in the Church

David Wright created a set of eight windows for St Oswald's Church. David Wright was born in 1948.

There are four windows on the east side of the nave, and four windows on the west side of the nave.

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The Nave Windows by David Wright

  • The Gift of Life

  • Gift of Creativity and the Arts

  • The Gift of science and technology

  • The Gift of God's Son

  • The Holy Spirit active now

  • The Holy Spirit of Pentecost

  • The Holy Spirit in the Baptism of Christ

  • The Holy Spirit Giving New Life

  • The Crucifix by Mark Weichard 1980

    By Mark Weichard  1980

  • The Font by Clifford Last 1967

    1967 by Clifford Last. (1918-1991)

    Media: Concrete and Wood

  • The Ascension of Christ by Thomas Rossman 1991

    1991 by Thomas Rossman  (1920 - )

  • St Oswald - King and Martyr Thomas Rossman 1991

    1991 by Thomas Rossman (1920 - )

  • The Betrayal of Christ Thomas Rossman 2004

    2004 by Thomas Rossman (1920 - )

  • The Light Within by Craig Gough

    Craig Gough  (1938 -)

    Abstract expressionist in style and strong in colour and movement, Craig's oil painting aspires to affinity with music

  • The Risen Christ by Carol Harrison

    Carol Harrison

    "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

    Matthew 11 verse 28