Notice and minutes of Annual General meeting

27 Nov 2020

St. Oswald’s Anglican Church, Glen Iris


29 November 2020 at 11.30am (Zoom)

In order to vote on any matter at the AGM, your name must be listed on the Parish Electoral Roll prior to the meeting. Requests to join the Electoral Roll should be directed to Carol Harrison or any of the Churchwardens.

All reports for the AGM will be circulated well ahead of the AGM date. If parishioners wish to raise matters of concerns or general interest, there is a provision within the AGM agenda to raise such matters, or they can be sent in as written requests for discussion to the Vicar or Churchwardens prior to the meeting.

For and on behalf of the Parish Council

Rev Glenn Loughrey (Vicar)

Jill O’Shea (Churchwarden)

Tim Andrews (Churchwarden)

Peter Johnson (Churchwarden)

Download St Oswald's Parish Rules (as agreed by PC on 27 October 2020

Download Annual Reports for 2020

Download Minutes of AGM