Vicar's Message:   15 October, 2017


While you reading this Gaye and I are in Brisbane celebrating the 33rd birthday of the Youth Outreach Service we commenced for the Salvos back in 1984/85. This is an exiting event because you often start things, never knowing whether what you are doing will last the test of time. To be invited back as the founders makes us sound old!

When we return on Monday we hop on a plane to Sydney the next day for the announcement of the winner of the Doug Moran Art Prize. To my surprise and great satisfaction, I have been named one of the 30 finalists in this, the richest Australian portrait prize. There were some 1200 entries which were whittled down to 200 semi-finalists which was then reduced to 30 paintings only. Whether I win or not I owe much to this wonderful congregation who have supported my art practice and encouraged me in the production of art works. Thank you.

On another note, I have been asked to pass on the thanks of National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islands Anglican Council which met in Melbourne from last Thursday until Tuesday. They wish to thank Jill and her team for lunch on Sunday, for the efforts of Barbara, Bob and Dick Adams in picking them up from the airport and driving them around and for the welcome they received when they joined us for church last weekend. Personally I thank all who made my job just that little bit easier.

I hope you have a great Sunday and will see you all next week.