Ravin' Ramblers

Ravin' Ramblers is a walking group which was initiated at St Oswald's and now encapsulates people from varied backgrounds who socialise with parishioners from St Oswald's. 

It provides a fun, healthy and supportive way for people with Christian values to enjoy the camaraderie of walking and discovering new and uplifting environments in and around Melbourne. 

The walks are open to all, and we encourage everyone to bring their friends along. Ranging from quite easy to more strenuous, most walks will accommodate all level of walkers, and we certainly aim to include anyone with an interest in walking, and the outdoors, to join us. If you donโ€™t fancy a walk at all, you can always join us for lunch! 

The contact person will provide detailed information about each walk, the time to meet and what to bring.

Ravin Ramblers Website

Next Walk - Warrandyte Saturday 8th April

Location Pound bend carpark Melways 23 A 11 Head to Warrandyte and turn left at Pound Road. Turn right at bottom of the road to the carpark and park near toilets.

Difficulty Medium Hills (Long staircase)

Time Saturday 8/4/2017

12.00 pm for lunch. Walk starts at 12.30 pm.

Walk to Blowhole then up the stairs to the entrance of the park.

Walk up Tank track till we arrive at the Rangers station. Follow the track beside the road till we get back to the entrance of the Park.

Walk down the stairs and continue along the river till the Scout camp is reached. Return back along the river.

General inquiries Peter and Sylvia Stephens

Email peterandsylviastephens@gmail.com

Telephone 98856895

Mobile on the day 0457647557

On Sunday 12th February at 12:30pm we welcomed over 40 members of the parish and Walkers for the long lunch in the parish hall.

See Pictures of this event below